Download Public Prototype Build #000037
Windows 64-bit

Unzip and run the setup file.

Game settings files are located at:
[drive]:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Ascentroid\Settings\

If you would like your settings/configurations added to the preset profiles, please contact Verran on the Discord server.

Also, newer test builds are published regularly to the #internal-builds channel on the Discord server.
If you would like to see the latest and greatest, please join!

The public prototype is considered a "pre-pre alpha" (experimental) build.

The goal is to verify whether or not the project is worth continuing.

Mac and Linux are not supported (yet). Windows 32-bit is not supported because Epic deprecated it.

Hosting requires port forwarding. NAT punch through is supported, but is experimental. There is also a built-in game tracker, but it is also experimental.

Please report bugs on Github. Please make sure the bug has not already been reported.

Please read the FAQ.