The public prototype is considered a "pre-pre alpha" (experimental) build.

The goal is to verify whether or not the project is worth continuing.

Windows 32-bit, Mac and Linux are not supported (yet).

Hosting requires port forwarding. There is no game tracker yet.

Please report bugs on Github. Please make sure the bug has not already been reported.

Please read the FAQ.

Download Public Prototype Build #001
Windows 64-bit

Execute Ascentroid_Client.bat to run the game.

Execute Ascentroid_Client_Vulkan.bat to run the game with Vulkan support (experimental/unstable).

If you have helped with testing before, please delete the all game settings files before launching, located at:
[drive]:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\Ascentroid\Settings\0.0.1.P.CSMA\

You will have to reconfigure your settings again (sorry!).